15 Years Ago We felt a magic when we go to Mcdonald's

i remember. when i was a young, about 15 years ago.

Mcdonald's has a magic. we feel a magic for go to the Mcdonald and eat potatoes and hamburgers

But now i think Mcdonald's has no magics.

Recently just 5 years ago, we feel a magic for go to Starbucks and drink coffee. But now magic has gone.

The magic is called by another name "branding".

Why we feel magic for service sometimes, but don't feel another time?

The reason is we are social existence. Go to Mcdonalds's or Starbucks was actually social action. we felt social value to the go to there.

The another reasons is structure of our brain. When we eat something or drink something, actually we eat or drink imaginations with brain.

So for example, TV comercial put values to their service sociall value. And it makes our brain more imaginationally.

i think That is a magic's truth.